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Khaki Shorts; THE END!!!!!

ever get nostalgic for the recent past,?? I do, a lot. wasn't it only last spring that steviecat was reviewing the prime issues of this publication? Wasn't it just 2 years ago that we were so flushed with excitement about the whole endeavour???


Final issue (for now) no.18 on sale now!!!

With No.18 Khaki overtakes Electric Soup as Glasgows longest running underground comic! (if you discount the 1999 reunion issue of E.S)
BUT after 7 years, (5 of which the comic didn't appear in) Khaki Shorts exits it's existance for now in a special, one month later, 28 page Bonanza in which all the loose ends in sagas such as "Sad Lad", "Blokeface and McBoozehead", 'Boy Mindless" and "Night Bus Tales" are neatly wrapped up!!!

available from Avalanche in Glasgow AND Edinburgh, Fopp in Glasgow, Deadhead in Edinburgh, Tchai Ovna Tea House in Glasgow, and the Arches in Glasgow!

or online from HERE: www.myspace.com/khakishorts

and here's what this FINAL installedment holds within it's pages should you widh to take a slip upon this housing for comic fun!

The final EPIC installment of this one! A Cecil B. Demille style extravaganza, spanning space, time, (in that reading a comic techincally spans "space" and "time") and the widening child/teenage generation gap!

H.G Wells, he Smells Bells!

Nightbus Tales, in it's 3rd Movement, reaches a horrific crescendo!

Bed Room Based Bert: part of an unprecendented new wave of sequential art SQing the precribed progression of comics as inspiration in favour of 1st- Bush administration era computer games.

for this final issue: we managed it! We get OASIS to appear, after years of negotiation dating back to Christmas 1999!
Enjoy them in their (relative) prime!

The Red Atom! Is it possible to talk about this without mentioning it's creator?? John Miller

When you're in it's hazy midst, childhood seems like it will last forever. But once it's over, life accelerates more and more as the rollercoaster ride ofn responsibilites wrinkles your face into the grave. Here we see Sad Lad (symbolically, the only character to appear issues 1 and 18 of Khaki) poised by the gates of manhood, ready to say goodbye the endless potential vista of childhood games and comic silliness....

Cry me A Wolf!
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